THIS is How the Beat Dropped: The Epic Launch of nu:beat!

Our journey started in Ibiza, where the idea of nu:beat was born at the heart of the island's pulsating
nightlife. On Friday night, we brought a slice of that Ibiza magic right to the big launch.

Picture this: three electrifying DJ acts, the inimitable JORDINDIAN on stage making the crowd laugh and
groove at the same time (how do they even do it?!), and a crowd that was simply on fire! Yep, that was
the vibe at the launch, and it was nothing short of EPIC!

Leading the charge were JORDINDIAN and the sensational DJ duo ANSWER, alongside a lineup
that included DJ Ashtrix, DJ Audiophile, and STUDIO NU:BEAT featured artists such as
rapper-wordsmith Authen, Indo-Western trio Flute Fantasy, the genre-liberated Table for 4, and
the award-winning beatboxer RON.

We danced, we laughed, and we partied the Ibiza way, with an energy that was infectious! Not to forget
our partners who were present – Myntra, our Official Groove Partner, and Alive India, our Authorised
Music Partner, who helped us turn this dream into a reality!

Curious about the kicks that
were the talk of the night?
Head over here

Before we leave, we’d like to thank everyone who made the nu:beat launch a night to
remember – including the guy in the black jacket in the crowd who had the loudest
Whooooooas. Let's keep this beat going!