Music Culture: In Conversation with Finn - the Ultimate Concert Junkie

Meet Finn, the 19yo whose world revolves around the next big concert. In our books,
he’s the ultimate concert junkie! From mosh pits to bleachers, Finn lives for the energy
and unforgettable moments music brings.


Q. Finn, tell us a bit bout you? Where you’re from,
what’s keepin you busy these days...

Finn: Hi! I'm a 19yo concert junkie from Germany :) I started my apprenticeship as
a Carpenter. Next to crafting, my biggest obsession is Music! Listening to music is
like breathing to me, it’s something you simply do!

Q. How many concerts have you attended and
which was your first concert?

Finn: Oh, I've been to over 30 concerts of my favorite artists, but I can never forget my first one. I was 14 back then and my mother (who is also a concert junkie) took me to a concert of Bosse, a German rock/pop Singer-Songwriter. I was hooked ever since.

Q. What makes concerts so special for you?

Finn: A concert to me is the purest form of adrenaline and happiness! Everything that comes with buying a ticket is bliss… All the excitement before, listening to the songs knowing you'll experience them live. The deep dive into the artist's universe during the concert, where for two hours nothing matters than music alone. And the aftermath, even years past that night, where you gathered new friends, found out about new songs, and collected some nice merch ;).



Q. What upcomin' concerts are topping your list this season? And which nu:beat
sneakers would you wear to each one?


23rd August: Adele
C MAJOR Light Grey Glow Sneaker.
Clean and elegant look, perfect for
such a marvelous lady.

31st August: German Indie Pop Band Jeremias
SPIN Off-White Slip-On Glow Sneaker.
Chill and easy summer flair ready for
some good vibes.

18th September: German Reggae/
Hip-Hop artist Peter Fox

HIPSONIC Beige & Orange Glow Sneaker.
Funky but loose look makes the reggae beat flow.

5th December: German Hip-Hop/ Rap artist Cro
AREA808 Green Sneaker. Space-like but
earthbound look for some highs and lows.

17th May next year: Billie Eilish
GROOVESTAR Dark Grey Glow Sneaker. Chunky
baggy fit - every fan knows the color combo…


Q. Share your most unforgettable concert experience and any other standout moments.

Finn: It's pretty hard to pinpoint it down to one moment, so I'll pick a top 3.

3 - Me and my best friend waited over eight hours in front of the location for Mother Mother to be middle-front-row and even managed to be filmed by the crew and end up on their Instagram page!

Video source: @mothermothermusic on Instagram

2 - Singing together with Bosse on one of his most recent concerts:

1 - Going on a Vonwegenlisbeth concert with my crush. There were tons of moshpits (and maybe a first kiss…)



Q. Any rituals or traditions you follow when
attending concerts? Spill it here!

Rule #1: Never listen to the artists on the day of the concert - gets you way more excited.
Rule #2: No matter if you got seated tickets or ones in the crowd, you don't sit!
Rule #3: Always ask the staff for the setlist on stage after the show.


Q. What's the craziest thing you've witnessed
at a concert?

Finn: A multi-instrumentalist musician called Cosmo Sheldrake improvised a completely new song using only the different sounds coming from his bottle of beer (I guess he wanted to impress us Germans, and he did!).

Q. Who is your dream concert headliner?

Finn: I'll keep waiting for Marina to go on tour again so I can finally experience her songs in real life. She is an amazing artist who's bringing her voice to the very edge of what's possible and always experiments with different sounds. Also, she is very mysterious and the fans don't know much about her, so that's an additional appeal.