Step into the Beat: The Essential Dope on nu:beat Sneakers

What can you say about a brand that was born in the heart of Ibiza's music scene? We'll tell you. nu:beat Sneakers are designed in Europe to see you move as you want and be as you desire. With eight distinct
'vibes', they're here for what beats in you. Get in.

ANTHEM: Retro-inspired Lace-ups

Retro-inspired lace-up sneakers with a double-
colour sole, uppers in a leather & suede mash-up
and next-level colour blocking. Bold, individualistic
expressions of spirit and style.

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AREA808: Pure Urban Aesthetic

Lace-up sneakers that talk pure urban aesthetic. The studded, transparent TPR soles have the signature 'n' peeking through. The textile-leather combo uppers, metallic detailing, unconventional colourways, and sleek rectangular eyelets make these kicks with some serious flair!

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AREA909: Sleek Laceless Kicks

The chill aesthetic jumps a serious notch up in these
lace-less kicks with built-in gussets. Featuring textile-
leather combo uppers, metallic detailing, studded,
transparent soles with the signature 'n' peeking through,
unconventional colourways and rectangular eyelets.
In the groove, against the norms.

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C MAJOR: Trendy Cupsoles

Like a familiar, perfectly composed vibe. These lace-up cupsole sneakers feature multi-colour soles, contemporary colours, and uppers in a trendy canvas and leather combo.

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C MINOR: Groovy Laceless Kicks

The groove you didn't know you needed. These lace-less
cupsole slip-on sneakers with built-in gussets feature
multi-colour soles, contemporary colours, and uppers
in a trendy canvas and leather combo.

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HIPSONIC: Trendy Angular Kicks

Angular design, eye-catching overlays, and heel-gripping spoilers define these lace-ups. With uppers in breathable mesh, leather, and suede, a double-colour sole, plus a subtle psychedelic groove pattern on the chunky midsole, these sneakers totally amp the rhythm of your wardrobe.

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GROOVESTAR: Progressive Street Aesthetic

These lace-ups blend breathable mesh, leather, and
suede for an effortlessly cool vibe. The triple-colour sole
has a chunky, trail-inspired design that ensures grip and
style, revealing a progressive aesthetic. And with the
wave-like colour contours and metallic detailing on the
eyelets, it's where street style meets the pulse of the city.

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SPIN: Vibrant Slip-On Cupsoles

These slip-on cupsole sneakers feature textile uppers with a canvas-leather combo. The gussets ensure a comfortable fit and the multi-colour sole bottoms add a burst of vibrancy. It's not just about ease – it's your beat, your spin on fashion.

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So, which vibe calls to you?