The Beat that Brought Us Together: The Story of nu:beat

Music. It's in our DNA. Johanna, the brains behind nu:beat, practically grew up with it. Singing, songwriting, playing the piano – you name it, she did it. But there's another side to her story, one that goes beyond catchy
tunes. You see, Johanna also comes from a long line of shoemakers, a legacy that spans four generations,
having originated in Germany in 1928. So, it's safe to say she's got both rhythm and sole (pun intended).

And now, here’s how it all started.

It was the summer of 2022, and Johanna, as she did every year, visited her home in Ibiza with her family.
One night, she found herself at her favourite club - the music pumping, bodies swaying under the dazzling
lights. Then, the night took a turn. A new DJ stepped up, and the beat that dropped hit differently.
It was electrifying. A raw, unalloyed energy that transcended language barriers and cultural differences,
resonating directly with one's soul.

The entire club, a melting pot of cultures and ages, erupted. Strangers became a united mass, moving
as one to the infectious rhythm. It was pure joy, pure connection, a transformative moment that left
an imprint on Johanna. Here, on a dance floor in Ibiza, she witnessed the power of music to bridge divides
and create something beautiful.

That night became the spark that ignited nu:beat.

Johanna knew she had to create a community that captured that feeling – a space for music lovers and creators to connect. A platform for artists to unleash their passion, a place to celebrate movement, music, and the magic of oneness, bound by music. This platform led to the creation of STUDIO NU:BEAT and the new line of Sneakers, designed and brought to life through the Mueller family’s shoemaking enterprise - the AstorMueller group, which also makes the leading bugatti and TT.bagatt shoe collections.

“nu:beat is more than a shoe brand. It's a feeling. It's the rush of adrenaline as you discover a new artist that perfectly captures your mood. It's the stomping of feet and the joyful shouts of a crowd united by a shared love of music. It's the heart pounding in your chest as the bass drops. It's the goosebumps that rise on your arms as a singer pours their soul into a powerful ballad. It's the uncontrollable smile that spreads across your face as you sing along with your friends to a classic anthem…”

This is what nu:beat is all about. A brand for those who
march to the beat of their own drum, who find their
voice in the music, and who believe in the power of

Want to see more of Johanna's world and what fuels the creative fire at nu:beat? Follow her on Instagram @jo.mueller.official