Let's Hear It for the Genre-Liberated Table for 4

(L-R: Vivek, Malavika, Samrudhi, and Deepak)

Bangalore, India, known for its vibrant culture and diverse music scene, has given rise to a sensational
band that is not just pushing boundaries but redefining the norms. Table for 4, a dynamic quartet featuring Samrudhi, Vivek, Deepak, and Malavika, and managed and mentored by Pradeep Kiran, stands as a
genre-liberated force to be reckoned with. We caught up with the band after they recorded their debut
music video at STUDIO NU:BEAT, right in the midst of their exams – because priorities, right? :D

Serendipity at a Music Store

Table for 4 comprises Samrudhi, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist; Vivek, on lead guitars, keyboards,
and vocals; Deepak, on drums, percussion, and backing vocals; and Malavika, on keyboard, bass, and
backing vocals.

The origin story of the band is as unique as their sound. Samrudhi initially met Vivek and Deepak at a
music store, where a spontaneous jam session led to the formation of a trio. Later, Malavika joined,
adding her keyboard prowess to the mix. Their musical evolution was fuelled by a desire to sound fuller
and tighter, leading them to experiment with multiple instruments and genres.

Fun Fact: The average age of the band members is 17.5 — yeah, we know — totally deceiving to
the ears, right?

From Prog and Djent to Bollywood

In the sonic universe of Table for 4, each member's distinct musical influences serve as the drivers of their
genre-liberated narrative.

Vivek, a self-proclaimed metalhead, delves into Nu-metal and prog, playing a pivotal role in the band's
evolving sound. Sam's pop affinity injects a catchy vibrancy. Malavika's love for Bollywood and regional
music enhances the rhythmic foundation. Deepak, influenced by legends like Mike Portnoy and Luke
Holland, is passionate about prog and djent, which, although not at the forefront of the band's sound,
mirror the diverse influences shaping Table for 4's musical universe.

“Back in the day, we only started out playing rock
metal. I'm a metalhead, by the way. And by
playing only rock and metal, it gets very hard to
reach out to people, the common audience, the
masses, you see. So that's when we started
exploring so many genres... we stepped into
covering Bollywood. And we wanted to expand it
even more. That's when we went to even regional
genres… We want to connect with every audience
possible.” - Vivek

The Birth of ‘I WANNA ROCK’

The band got their first-ever music video recorded, courtesy of STUDIO NU:BEAT, where they performed
'I WANNA ROCK,' a synth-pop original song born in the midst of their exams.

“We were in the middle of the exam season and I get this call from Deepak, and he's like, 'Bro, bro, bro!
I created this riff.' Why not write lyrics and make a song?' Intrigued, I thought, 'Okay, let's see.' What followed was a three-hour call, and by the end of it, Deepak's like, 'Please write the lyrics, let's do some originals, bro.'
It's always him, the initiator. So, in the days that followed, the four of us melded our ideas together, and that's how I WANNA ROCK came to life.” - Samrudhi

Click to see Table for 4 perform ‘I WANNA ROCK,’ that's already scorching up
party playlists worldwide!

The STUDIO NU:BEAT Experience

“Initially, when we heard about STUDIO NU:BEAT, we
were pretty confused, like, okay, what's happening?
Until we actually got to know that STUDIO NU:BEAT
is a platform designed to help budding artists
showcase their originals and talent to the world.
Nowadays, only influencers with 50k followers are
recognised the most, and STUDIO NU:BEAT is
breaking that norm. We're incredibly thankful to
STUDIO NU:BEAT for giving us this opportunity, and
it's been such an eye-opener for us. We used to go
through the whole process of making songs on our
own, but not in a professional way. We're learning
about shooting behind the scenes, interviews...
We're so glad that we're getting to learn a lot of
things.” - Samrudhi

“This is like such a new experience. Like, I mean, us shooting in a professional environment. Yeah. It's
not just making music or you know writing songs or going on a stage playing live...
There's a lot of things we're learning... all the aspects involved in producing the professional music
video. The audio as well. And seeing the difference in audio, audio platform, video platform, putting it
together, releasing. The whole thing. To see that happening. We're all thankful and grateful to STUDIO
NU:BEAT for giving us this opportunity, for pioneering this.” - Vivek

The Message in the Music

Table for 4 is on a mission to challenge stereotypes, particularly the notion that success for young
individuals is solely tied to academic achievements.

“There are two things we want to convey as a band. The first is that there is a common notion that
teenagers can only succeed when they succeed in education. But that is not the case. We want to
prove it to the nation that kids can do both education as well as music and we can grow great heights
even when it comes to that.” - Samrudhi

“I mean as long as you’re doing what
you love, it's not the structure, the system
that's important. It's just how you want to
do it. It's just putting that passion,
determination in whatever you do.”

Table for 4's commitment to making a positive impact through music is evident in their involvement with
“Kids rock for kids” – UNICEF's global fundraising initiative. As the sole representative from India, the band
crafted two music videos during the pandemic for this significant cause.

Rocking Tomorrow

Looking ahead, Table for 4 envisions a future filled with tours, original compositions, and global recognition.

“We want to be completely busy with our stuff, what we're doing. We want to continue what we're doing and we want to be a touring band.” - Deepak

“We want to do our originals tour around the globe. Like be busy by doing just show after show after show.” - Samrudhi

“We want to be known as an original band, not as a cover band. Right now, people know us as band that mostly play covers. I mean, that's what has gotten over here eventually, but you want to be known to the whole world as an original band.” - Vivek

“Yea, spreading meaning through our lyrics, inspiring the future generations to create
their own music and to grow.” - Malavika

So, here's to Table for 4 – the quartet rewriting the rules, challenging perceptions, and
weaving a narrative that transcends the boundaries of age and genre. As they
continue to harmonise their way into the hearts of audiences worldwide, we can't wait
to know the next chapter in their remarkable musical journey. Keep rocking, Table for 4!

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