It happened one night
in Ibiza, Spain

The idea of STUDIO NU:BEAT was born in DC-10, one of Ibiza's most
popular nightclubs, where a single night of music ignited the creative
passion of Johanna Müller, a songwriter and musician.

Also the fourth generation of the legendary Müller family, known for
crafting fine shoes since 1928, Johanna envisioned a space that would
unite music, movement, and self-expression.

Meet Johanna, the brain behind STUDIO NU:BEAT. She started playing the
piano at a very young age and writing songs when she was still in school.

Fast-forward to the manifestation - STUDIO NU:BEAT. A vibrant, inclusive space for
music lovers and makers to share their talent with the world. With authenticity and
the joy of community at its very heart.