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13 CANCIONES / 42 MB / 46 min.

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ÁLBUM: "EL TAMBORILERO" Derechos de autor © NMG Grupo



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Thank you so much for the songs from album "Ever so close" and "Sweet dreams to Night - Original". These cassettes were gifted by my sisters Godfather when she was just an year old. Songs from these albums were our favorites in our childhood and till now we praise about the songs we use to hear and used to listen at night time. It was a sad time when the cassette got old and the reel was stuck in Audio player and got broken. We grew up and now she is married but we still remember the songs. I thank you for all the efforts to put in the best in one cassette. Thank you once again..

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"You're My happy little sunbeam, Shining all around, Making others smile When they're feeling down. You can cheer somebody up When they're feeling sad, Just share a hug or a smile; Sunny shining makes them glad!"

Author: Joan Clair, Julia Scott